Pocket Diaper Comparison


Tiny Tush Elite and Tweedle Bugs Pocket Diaper Comparison



Tiny Tush Elite

Tiny Tush Elite Pocket Diaper

Tweedle Bugs

Tweedle Bugs Pocket Diaper

Tweedle Bugs Prints

Tweedle Bugs Pocket Diaper

Rise Adjustments 4 3 3
Fabric Interior Micro-fleece Micro-fleece suede cloth
Fabric Exterior PUL PUL Minky PUL
Snaps On Wings 2 horizontal 2 vertical 2 horizontal
Openings For Inserts 1 in rear 1 in front & 1 in rear 1 in rear
Snap or Aplix Closure Both Styles Snap Snap
Made In USA Yes No No

Both the Tiny Tush Elite pocket diapers and the Tweedle Bugs pocket diapers are very nice and easy to use.

Because Tiny Tush Elite has 4 rise adjustments compared to 3 rise adjustment with the Tweedle Bugs there is a little more adjustment in the rise with the Tiny Tush Elite than there is with the Tweedle Bugs.

The Tiny Tush Elite pocket diaper has a little higher fit in the rise compared to the Tweedle Bugs pocket diaper.

The Tweedle Bugs pocket diaper has an opening in the front and in the rear for easy access to the pocket insert/stuffer.